Weekly Challenge: Sugar Reduction

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's back. Well, two things are really back - my weekly challenge series and my overwhelming desire for sweets. For some stupid reason I thought I would cut back on our families intake of sweets. Dumb! Now all I can think about it cake. That creamy delicious frosting with super moist cakey middle... oh my gosh. My mouth is watering right now.

The effort all started because my littles are "treatmaholics." That's what we call a serious addiction to "treats" (aka anything filled with sugar) around these parts. They want "treats" after every single meal. Even when we have pancakes for dinner. Hello!? Pancakes are simply breakfast cakes in disguise as a meal. That's why I love them so much. Duh. Anyway, the addiction led to reduction and then to this week's challenge.

But here I am, struggling. I WANT CAKE. And I'm not picky. A simple cupcake will do. Poundcake. Cheesecake. Upside down cake. It's friday and so far my only "treat" for the week has been melt-away mints. Some people call them wedding mints. Whatever, they aren't cutting it. Here's where things get dangerous... today I drive to Waco to pick up my SIL for the weekend. On the way there and back I will be taunted by the Czech Stop. I've gotta be honest; my car just might make a pit stop. Yum!

Do you have a favorite cake that makes you weak in the knees? xo


  1. Quick! Have some cake! :)
    I am certainly no diet guru, but if I don't feed a craving even a little, it will get worse.
    Those cakes look yummy!

  2. a sweet healthy treat for your littles after dinner- slice nanners in the morning and drizzle with cinnamon or a tiny bit of cocoa or chocolate. put on a cute place and place in freezer. pull out of freezer after dinner & enjoy! (just a random tip -the more brown and squishy the banana is the better the flavor will be) frozen bananas taste like ice cream- nom nom!

    xo- av

  3. "let them eat cake" - I do love chocolate cake, but one of my favorite cakes is called "hummingbird cake" -
    Would you like me to bake you a cake and send?


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