Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Butcher Block

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Earlier in the week I revealed our new kitchen and today I wanted to share a probably well know secret with you... Ikea butcher block counter tops. They're awesome and affordable. We purchased one countertop and were able to cover the top and sides of our island as well as use left over scrap pieces for our open shelving and cutting board gifts (4) for family over the holidays. Only the mitered edge scraps were tossed. How awesome is that?

After trimming and sanding, we used a clear Minwax finish to allow the wood's natural beauty to shine through. (For the cutting boards mineral oil or beeswax polish is recommended.)

Now that is a budget friendly, eco friendly house reno right there my friends!

Do you use beeswax on your cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils? If so, where do you get yours? (Did you know you're supposed to oil/wax your wooden spoons, etc. to keep them from getting dry and splitting? I just found this out.) xo


  1. I use mineral oil on my cutting boards and spoons and anything wooden where food will come in contact as it it digestible. I love butcher block and your renovated kitchen.
    Tell me a little bit about all the loveliness on your shelves!~

  2. Your sink counter is gorgeous -- my dream kitchen! I love the dark wall against the white.

  3. pve - do you just get your mineral oil at a hardware store? As for the trinkets on the shelves... I'll email ya. xo

    Mandie - thanks so much! xo

    bikbik - thanks sweet friend. hope you are feeling well today! xo

  4. i really love your gray counter you mind sharing what they are/where they are from? beautiful kitchen!


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