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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hellooooo! I've got this new addiction with Instagram... Coast to Coast Challenge. Do you play along? At first I thought it was a little shallow - posting selfies and showing others what I was wearing. But then I saw the beauty of the challenges - it forces you to reinvent your wardrobe. The Coast to Coast gals give you challenges on Mondays and Wednesdays for the following days and you get to create a new look using what's already in your closet. A few of my favorites have been geek chic, graphics, dots and fur.

It''s so fun. And it has forced me to think of new combinations that I would have never put together beforehand, but I really love. If you'd like to see how I answer the challenges, you can follow me via Instagram @pureandnoble. Will you consider joining me in the reinvention of your own wardrobe? xo


  1. Looking sharp!! I wish I could play, but I do not have an iphone or instagram! Boo hoo.

    I will just have to enjoy your posts!! Ha ha


  2. How was I not following you on IG? I'll have to give this Coast to Coast challenge a try!

  3. Shon - maybe it's a good thing you don't have one. my hubs complains all the time that I am on mine too much! xo

    Beth - Yes! Please play. I'd love to see you on IG and coast to coast! Gotta go find you... xo

  4. I had the same thoughts initially about the challenge - but then I visited their website and now I've converted like you...I may or may not start to play along...

  5. You are gutsy. . .and beautiful! I always feel wierd posting pics of myself too! Um. . .love the sneakers! Fun, with a little rockstar edge to them! Where from?

    Be blessed,


  6. You are so awesome! LOVE all of your outfits! Beauty, beauty! xo

  7. Love this!! I'm actually not allowing myself to buy any new clothes over the past few months and was thinking this would be a great way to ata strong. Have already done a few outfit remixes. I think I'll start following along with this on Instagram. Finally following you :) happy weekend!


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