Farm Livin'

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 the life for me? I tend to romanticize things. Some call it day-dreaming. Some just call it crazy. I call it surviving 12 hour one-way road trips while on snack, movie and entertainment duty. I can't help it. I stare out the window mile after mile counting cows and imagining what life would be like on a farm. How simple. How beautiful. How intimate. And I'm quite sure, the farms that my imagination conjures up are also miles away from reality. But, a girl can dream...
Oh, and just in case you're wondering... I'd don frocks like this...
See? More fairytale than real life. Oh well, it passes the time on the long open road. 

Do you have an imaginary dream life? xo


  1. farm life is my dream as well!

  2. My Dad grew up on a farm, one of nine children and married my Mom who grew up in the city. I think they both fell in love with the "greener grass is on the other side" and I always love hearing the stories from them.

    I'd have a place in the mountains and one by the water,,,one if by land and sea.

  3. Our neighbors changed directions 2 years ago and started a sheep farm. Another neighbor photographed their lifestyle here on her blog

    It's beautiful and hard work. The cheese is superb!

  4. I have cottage dreams! Something seaside perhaps. An old farmhouse has come to mind too more than once! Its my goal in life to either live in a city or country (not suburbs :) )

    I like your dream!


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