Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Wood Scraps

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When you marry the son of a carpenter, there are perks. Lots of perks. And on our most recent trip to Des Moines, we received a bag of blocks that used to belong to the hubs when he was a little boy. (insert sigh for preciousness here) My FIL made these blocks from some of his scraps year ago and now a second generation is enjoying the fruits of that labor. Yeah, the scraps could have been tossed or used as kindling over the long mid-west winters, but instead they were put to good use...

Here's the challenge for me - try with all my might not to paint these beloved blocks as some have done below.

I will never look at scraps of wood the same! How about you? xo


  1. I need some scrape wood asap! these are so great!!

  2. love! they have a set like this at the library (unpainted) I've never thought of making them..great idea!

  3. still have my boys kepla blocks. i still love them.


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