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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a mom's best friend. It can be dressy, messy, high or low. However it's styled, it looks great. It is the simplistic beauty of the ponytail. Confession - I pretty much wear my hair in a ponytail every. single. day. It's simple, easy and I don't like drying my hair. (Heat takes my hair from curls to frizz in a nano-second. Texas humidity does the same, hence the ponytail.) Anyway, because I wear the "pony" all the time, I'd like to think that I know the best holders for the job. WRONG! For years I've been using those clear little elastic rubberbands that Goody touts as "ouchless." 
I'm not quite sure how something so tiny can do so much damage, but let me assure you - they do. And the chia pet that resides at the bottom of my shower drain and in my dryer vent can attest to it. These suckers pull your hair out! For years I thought my hair just fell out really easily and I was pretty sure I'd be partially bald by 50. Then just recently I was sitting at the park chatting with another mom who watched me pull my ponytail out to redo and tighten her up. She was shocked at how much hair came with the elastic "ouchless" band. She told me they did similar damage to her hair (she's african-american so ethnicity/hair-type is not a factor here) and she stopped using them. 

Later that afternoon I was at Target buying new ponytail holders. I am now the proud owner of the fatty mcfatty slide-proof elastics by Goody. When it comes to ponytails, I no longer care about the sleek and discreet holder. It's all about keeping my hair on my head and chia pets at local drugstores! I still use the tiny little clear ones, but only for the bottom of braids.

What's your go to hairstyle? xo


  1. The best hair tie I've found are called "Emi Jay" hair ties. They cost more than your average pony tail holder, but are well worth it! No hair pulling and super stylish! They also double as a pretty cute bracelet! Check them out!

  2. Well, for these reasons I rock a close crop. I could never keep my ends trimmed and hair blown well enough to keep it long. My girls, however, wear the Goody bands for extra thick hair and ouchless too!

  3. ditto on the pony tail. Its a special occasion for me to wear my hair down (date night, church..) cute post! xo julia

  4. I've had short hair for quite a few years and now, out of sheer laziness, it's gotten SO long. It's been kind of fun to style it a little differently each day. I might do a french braid, but off to one side of my head so the rest of the braid hangs over my shoulder or something like that. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon and it will need to be chopped back into submission.


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