Around the House: Two Steps Forward (and an underbelly)

Monday, April 22, 2013

As with any do it yourself project, it always seems that you take two steps forward and one step back. Last week's steps forward? Our new kitchen door that leads to the mudroom and painted exterior trim. Woot! The new door got me all energized to clean the kitchen, move the white tulip chairs back in and host a few informal dinners. Which by the way, I have found the best centerpiece... a tub of crayons. It keeps the littles entertained while I finish cooking and spurs creativity!

(the booster is a nice dose of real life, wouldn't you agree?)

As for the underbelly, with any two steps forward it seems there is a required step back. Our garage is in serious need of help. We haven't parked either of our cars in there for weeks. It has been a dumping ground for all things "in the way." My amazing stud of a husband began the great cleanup yesterday. We can officially get one car parked in the garage now, with the goal of a second car by week's end. God bless him. If my car finally makes it into the garage of this house it will be the biggest turn on ever! (I wonder if he knows this?)
The question still remains, "How and why do we have so much crap?" Honestly, it's kind of embarrassing.  
Tell me, what's the underbelly of your home? xo

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  1. I wish I lived closer, I would come to your rescue. Many friends quip "Why you could eat off your garage floor?"
    Now who would want to do that, but then I am reminded of many who would find joy in having a garage and a floor to do just that. Give yourself a time
    limit, and create your garage into zones, a potting zone for planting, trash, toys or then get busy. I want to see how you transform your space.


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