Goodbye Google Reader

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Feedly! As many of you lovely readers are now aware, Google Reader will be no longer as of June. If you follow Pure and Noble via Google Reader (Google Friend Connect), I hope you will sign up to either receive posts via email or read in a new reader format. I recently found Feedly through the lovely SF Girl By Bay.  I love it. It's like viewing your favorite blogs in magazine format. I love that it's easy to customize and that all I had to do to transfer my blog subscriptions was click one button. Tada! Everything was transferred to Feedly. I didn't skip a beat. 
Seriously, it couldn't have been easier. Now to keep playing around and find the best format within Feedly for my daily reads. xo


  1. all I keep hearing about is bloglovin. will have I check this one out! love that it's so easy to transfer everything.

  2. I've been using Feedly for about a month now, I like it even better than the Google Reader. It's so pretty and I like the variety of Formats for reading blogs.

  3. Hola gusto en conocerte. Tu blog es muy interesante, sobre todo "Reduce, Reuse, Recycling".
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires - Argentina. María.

  4. thank you for reminding me to do this and for just being you. man, i wish we were neighbors...tell your husband to take photos in the sf bay area!!

  5. Hi!

    Came by your blog by the amazong post DIY Mason Jars, I will def. try this out some day! Thank you!

    And now, the answear to my question How, after Google Reader? Just one question regarding that; Is it easy to delete (and add) blogs you're reading?

    Best wishes!

  6. My favorite is bloglovin, but I will check out feedly!


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