It's The Most Hideous Time of The Year...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swimsuit season. In the south, it is drawing near and my 40 year old body is not looking forward to it.

Most women long to squeeze into something like this...
I prefer something more like this...
But since I have no intention of embarrassing my boys at the pool or splash-park this year, I'll opt for something in the middle. Something a bit more covering and concealing like the lovely Kiera Knightly's suit in Atonement (seen up top). Have you ever tried to find a flattering, cute and affordable suit? Let me just say, it sucks! That is until I got my head out of the usual department store doors and into the most unlikely of places. Hello Sears and JC Penneys! I think I love you.
Finally, I found a cute suit that didn't break the bank and covers my bootie as well as most of my thigh cheese. Whew... glad that's done!

What is your swimsuit criteria? xo


  1. MODESTY! Mine is a rash guard top and boy cut bottoms. The Atonement suit of the 1930s is just about right for me lol.. you picked a lovely suit :)

  2. I have been working hard to love my body for all it's glory. I seem to gravitate towards a suit to cover a multitude of sins but this year, I really want to embrace all the good. Love the suits you found.
    I tend to have a nice big shirt or tunic on hand along with plenty of sunscreen~

  3. Love the top suit! I found one at Old Navy similar to the one at JC Penny. I loved everything about it but the color, hoping they expand. J Crew has cute options but is too $$ for my budget!

  4. Oh, I am with you. Love your taste in swimsuits!

  5. Love that black one -- darling!!


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