Around the House: Dream Nursery

Monday, April 29, 2013

What do teepees, tiny toes and gold triangles have in common? One very lucky little boy named Ryder. My sweet friend Allison, of Design from A to V, is expecting her first baby in just two short weeks. I love how excited new mommies get in preparation of meeting their little! A fave is the nesting portion. The nursery gets all the attention, even if the rest of the house is full of milk crates and bean bags. I'm not sayin' that's the case at the Vieger house, quite the opposite if you'll recall from her home tour, in fact, this designer went all out for her sweet boy.
This is a room I could sit in for hours! And once Ryder is here... I just might. Sorry Allison. i know I said I'd be coming to hang out with you, but Ryder and I will be chillin' here while I force you to go nap! Just a few short days until we meet this gift from the Lord.

Did you have a serious nesting phase when you were pregnant? xo


  1. thanks for the awesome post brooke! now that i have the nursery finished can you be my mentor mother of boys for life? love how you captured ryder's special room!

    alli v

  2. this is so gorgeous! Congrats to your friend!!

  3. How darling!! Love the arrow garland and the scrabble pieces! Some really great ideas for a boy's nursery.


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