How I Wore It: Overalls

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm pretty sure that a 40 year old wearing overalls is a major faux-pas, but I gots me a thang for this summer trend. One piece. Comfy. No thought required. Insta-cool. Easy peasy. So when I found a pair at the thrift store for $7.00 that were uber comfy... I couldn't resist.
Next I gotta work on finding a pair of broken in boots that provide just the right slouchy chic like this fabulous girl below.
Is there a trend going on right now that is so awesome-sauce you can't avoid it no matter how impractical? Please tell me I'm not alone! xo


  1. LOVE this look on you brooke! the hair, overalls, and wedge sandals! the third pic with the smirk on your face is beyond. and the plants- gorgeous. teach me your ways-

  2. Those are adorable overalls! I don't know where this trend came from but I like it.

  3. I still have my overalls from eons ago...might break them yours!
    Rise and Shine Mom

  4. So great! You obviously are tall! Work it girl!! You look awesome!

  5. alli - whatevs... your post preggo brain is making you cray cray. But I love yoU! xo

    nicole - thanks honey. xo

    sheila - girl, i don't know either, but I'm lovin' it.

    janice - DO IT! xo

    shon - yes, I'm tallish 5'8. you,re silly and sweet. thx hun. xo


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