Weekly Challenge: Summer Quiet Time Boxes

Friday, May 31, 2013

It's coming. Summer. Long days. Short nights. And super hot Texas days. If I plan my days right, we'll be out and about in the mornings and mid-afternoons with quiet time falling in the scorching heat of the day. If I know my boys at all, I know there will be zero napping. For them summer means party time! All the time. My best defenses for summer sanity is daily quiet-time boxes. It took me a while to prep, but after just one day I am gonna be so glad I did this.

I laid out a ton of craft objects, toys and the like and got to work...
Once I had everything laid out, I organized my items into rows of five items for each category. Categories consist of the following:

games - i'm not completely crazy. this has got to be fun.
pen & paper products - to encourage drawing, writing and imagination
brain power - because it might be the only time their little brains are stimulated each day.
crafts - a girl can dream right?
pom-pom races powered by their own breath
if they're gonna draw it should be in 3-D to make it double fun
sewing 101
journals (some pages have pre-marked pages to get them started. i can't wait to see what they create)
brain power activities that require various skills to be mastered
daily boxes include an activity from each category - they get to choose what they do that hour and a half
At the end of each day they will have had some down time and I can read, nap or whatever. The possibilities are endless and this gets me a little excited.

How are you getting ready for the dog days of Summer? xo


  1. LOVE. thanks for the idea. I've been working on "rest time" at our house (translation: 30 min of hearing them laugh and play in their room) how long do they have quiet time?

  2. Brilliant! I am afraid that I am a little apprehensive as summer looms closer. My kids are 12, 11 and 7!! Rising 8th and 7th grade girls and 2nd grade boy!! Help!!

  3. julia - yay! i know you will come up with some amazing things for your littles! My boys will have 1.5 hours of QT each day. We will all need it. xo

    shon - prayers coming your way. ha ha ha I see pool time and lots of slip-n-slide fun in your future! lol


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