Weekly Challenge: Life

Friday, May 24, 2013

Every morning starts the same way... wuaaa wuaaa wuaaa. I slap my alarm for snooze and then 10 minutes later I'm right back where I started. The irony is that all I want to do at 6:45 am is sleep and when 10:45 pm comes around I'm wide awake. Thinking. 

Most of the day I feel like the poor girl above. If she had a thought bubble, I'm pretty sure it would read, "shoot me" said with a thick aire of sarcasm, but really desiring to do nothing more than crawl back into bed and pull the covers over her head. 

In the midst of life there is laughter, love, monotony and pain. I want to skip the latter two and just focus on the love and laughter. But I know that would be more of a heavenly life and I am anywhere but home right now. So for now, I will choose to pick my head up out of the bowl, engage in life and enjoy the blessings that come - no matter how great or small. Besides, without lifting my head I can't see the beautiful light. xo

breathtaking photography first seen on size too small


  1. At first, I thought that gal's head was in her cereal bowl called LIFE. But, no, she is I believe giving herself a facial. Remember that with every challenge, there is cause for celebration.....give yourself a little gift, a facial, a massage or something to keep your head to the sun.
    I get it. I think her bubble would say
    "5 minutes please"
    "If Momma ain't happy, nobody happy"
    "wash that man right outa your hair"

  2. PVE - ha, you and my husband must have been talking! He told me today that I need to go for a bike ride or go sew. I think I'll do both. xo

  3. in the "yes" of love an laughter and all the messy bits and the crazy.

  4. I understand, I really do. Life is hard and good. And I understand on a sleep-level too. our littlest has had major allergies this week and this momma is worn out from lack of sleep. xo julia

  5. Oh, thank you! it's nice to know I'm not the ONLY one who begins the day slowly!!!....thanks for the giggle too! ...that picture is TOO funny!!!
    ...love your words...love your pictures...love your "eye view"!
    Now...must move...must move...must move!...3??? cups of jo???!!!


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