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Thursday, May 23, 2013

There are times when I want to punch Pinterest in the face for making me believe a pin to be as worthy as it's number of repins. And there are times when Pinterest makes me so happy I just want to makeout with it!

Here are a few make-out moments (read also, game changers):

Shower cleaner - no lie. if you hate cleaning your shower, tub or kitchen sink - this will change your life. It is so easy and it WORKS!

Children's Drawer Organization - whoever thought of this needs the Nobel Peace Prize. My son actually keeps his t-shirt drawer tidy now. This is no small feat. The kid changes his clothes roughly 5 times a day. Serenity now.

Oven Baked S'mores - don't hate. Just hear me out. The chocolate gets melted perfectly and the marshmallow toasted just right. This may be the best cookie ever and no, I don't do minis as the link suggests! (PS - don't get fooled into trying the lemon meringue version - it's gross.)

Soap Clouds - hello hours of endless summer fun that also gets my littles clean. I love you.

Zipcode Gardening - yes please. If you're starting a garden and want to know what to plant when for your zipcode... this is your new best friend. We had green beans, lettuce and spinach out the yang at our old house.

Epic fails that make me want to go toe to toe with Pinterest include marshmallow/pom pom poppers and diy catapults. Bottom line - numbers mean nothing.

Do you have a pin that rocked your world? xo


  1. YES! I know I have more than just this one, but the one I'm obsessed with lately is the one about washing your face with oil!

    My face looks a lot like this girl's picture and description due to hormones and junk, and this has changed my life!
    So far I have only tried it with EVOO only, as that's all I have, but since I've had success with the EVOO, I ordered the cold-pressed castor oil she talks about and I am DYING to try it out! I haven't used my store bought facewash a single day since I began washing my face with oil and my face is incredibly soft and much less oily (ironically) than before...
    It's the weirdest thing! But it WORKS!

  2. Erin - I have read about that one and am dying to try it! Thanks for the unknown encouragement. So glad it's working for you! xo


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