Around the House: Almost There

Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting there is half the battle right? If so, I'm more than half-way to victory. The living room is starting to feel right. Homey. For me it has to be the perfect blend of comfortable and inviting. 

We recently gave our abandoned mid-century dresser a new coat of peacock tail blue and moved it into the living room. It houses mail, pens and paper, blankets and such. Perfect no? Also the lovely leather mid-century chair was gifted by a friend upon the birth of our first. The JC Penney fan that sits on top was an estate sale score for $10. I love it and it works. And that wool southwestern rug, that I mentioned last week, was scored at a garage sale for $30. I gotta be honest, I almost peed my pants when the seller told me the price. Layered on top of the sisal it brings more depth and just the right amount of color into the room.
Once we get some of the hub's Egypt images printed, framed and hung behind the sofa, as well as our window treatments hung, I think it will be perfect. There might also be the addition of a fiddle leaf fig. I mean, that front window is pretty much begging for it. Right?

What brings color into your home? xo


  1. ohmygosh that rug!! nice work lady! and that dresser is so perfect for storage. would love to find a mid-century dresser for our next place.

  2. Definately a cosy room to be in I can see myself snuggled up on the couch with a good magazine and glass of wine! A bunch of flowers or a new coushin is how I add colour to a room :)

  3. Hi, Brooke. Amazing job on your dresser -- brings the perfect color to the room. Would you mind sharing what color you used?

  4. Megs - Thanks so much honey! xo

    Michelle - HELLO!!! Long time friend. I love your color addition choices. And I need to work on snuggling up just like you with a magazine and glass of wine. xo

    Deanna - thanks so very much. it's actually a Home Depot Behr paint called Peacock Tail. xo

  5. everything is looking great! and oh my goodness, the rug. I can't believe that price!


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