Weekly Challenge: Give Joy

Friday, May 17, 2013

God give gifts to His children. All of us have them. Not one is left out. I used to view my gift as a sin, until I learned how to use it. My gift? I love searching through what most people see as trash to find treasure. It gives me great joy to see beauty in what most people overlook. The bonus comes when I get to do that for others. This week I...

*blessed a friend with a whole heap of thrifted treasures 
*served married couples that are in a ton of pain
*prayed for all I know that are hurting or in the midst of challenges
*put others before myself

In a world full of selfishness and consumption, I am experiencing great joy in the giving of myself to others. The irony is that I find I am most fulfilled, even in the midst of pain, when I pour myself into others. To give others joy and hope, using the gifts God gave me, is why I am here.

Happy Weekend friends. May you find deep joy in emptying yourself out. xo


  1. Love the way you think. It was not really until I started teaching ccd many years ago - that each of us has a gift to be shared, to be used. I love the way you think.
    Thanks for sharing your gift of joy.
    Trash to treasures, rags to riches ~

  2. this is beautiful. you are such an inspiration and a blessing Brooke! the blog world (and real world) s a better place because of you.


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