How I Wore It: Oversized Dress

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seriously. Amazeballs right? I love the color, the chucks, the tan.. all of it. While I don't have this super cute knitted number of rainbow goodness, I do have an oversized dress that I scored in the PJ section of Thrift Town. It's silk and like five sizes too big, but I love it. In the past I've always worn it with heels, but the above image inspired me to simplify with chucks.
It must be said... chucks are both a classic and a staple. And mine stink to high heaven. They need a go in the washing machine. Too much information?

Side note - after looking at these images, I'm not so sure this dress works with sneakers. See how it cuts right at the knee? I think the heels might be what this dress needs to elongate?! Oh, and as evidenced in this next photo of me and my little at our Muffins with Moms shindig, I need to be taking picks for the blog in the morning when hair and make-up are fresh! Sheesh!

Do you have a favorite pair of kicks? xo


  1. You could pull of wearing a paper bag woman. You are one beauty! Love your dress and yep, I could see it all dressed up with heels and an up-do~

  2. you are so cute! I could see it with sandals or heels. what a great find! Do you try on your thrift store finds in store or just eye them and take them home?


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