Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Baggy Fit

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five bucks for a pair of jeans is typically something I can't pass up - if they have potential or already fit great. This pair hit the mark - straight leg, comfy, cheap. The trifecta! I knew all I'd have to do is tighten the leg a bit and they'd be great.
1. wash jeans, turn inside out and iron
2. put jeans on and mark where they are baggy with either a fabric marker of straight pins
4. put jeans on machine and line needle up with the existing stitch on jeans
5. using the line markers on your sewing machine, guide your jeans from your top mark (hip), sewing gradually wider to make the leg tighter
6. sew from the existing seam out to marker 4, 5 or 6 (however much you need to take up) and then gradually back to the existing seam at your bottom (calf) marker
7. turn jeans right side out and try on (if the bulk is reduced and you're pleased with the fit... you're done! otherwise remark and remove more bulk following the above steps again, taking leg in more
8. trim seam if necessary or just press with iron
Much better and no super tight thigh lines under the butt or butt-crack sightings! That's a double win. At 40, I don't think my jeans need to be so tight that you can see my thigh cheese or so lose that I look frumpy. These jeans are now a perfect fit and I love em dressed up or down. 

I was recently told by my friend Shon that she had to break up with skinny jeans and boot cut. Say it ain't so! What's your favorite cut? xo


  1. dang lady, you are so resourceful! would never guess those were $5!! i really need to learn to use my sewing machine.

  2. Ha! I almost fell over when I read the line with my name in it! I was reading and thinking to myself, wow, she looks great and well done on the tailoring.

    I am still for the record broken up with Skinnies and maybe bootcut. I think I need to focus on a fit that works with my athletic build. So, maybe I won't sing that TSwift song just yet about never getting back together! LOl

    Thanks for the shout!

  3. what a difference! well done.


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