Thank You...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sometimes life throws a big bowl of crap your way and you just need a laugh instead of weekly challenges. So, I thought I'd pay homage to Jimmy Fallon and his infamous "Thank You Cards" for a while. 

Thank you... Summer. 
For being there right when I need to sleep in late. every. single. day.

Thank you... Long hair. 
For turning my drain into a chia pet every time I shower.

Thank you... Extra pillow. 
For covering my husband's face at night while I read in bed.

Thank you... Poppytalk
For showing this gif that almost made me pee my pants.

Thank you... Tex-Mex. 
For giving me a cheese that I can drink with a straw. (If you don't live in Texas, it's called queso and it's the shiz.)

What are you thankful for this week? xo


  1. Haha I love that segment on Jimmy Fallon. I'm with you on creating a chia pet in our tub! Very attractive.

  2. that gif!! hilarious! when we moved to the midwest a lot of people didn't know what queso was. I still have to explain rotel tip. le sigh. happy weekend friend

  3. Thankful for my blonde hi-lites that look as natural as the summer sun painted them on.
    Thankful that my nest is full - my twins are both home from college.
    Thankful that I can prepare good meals and afford good nourishment.
    Thankful I can walk my dog each day,
    Thankful for my family and friends.
    Thankful for my talents and to use them daily.
    Thankful to hear from friends that my husband praises me.
    Thankful that my daughter is moving up to high school. My baby.
    Thankful for my home.
    Thankful for my faith.
    Thankful for my blog buddies.
    Thankful for my herb garden,

    I feel like that little girl in the video "I like myself"
    Thankful for that. Yes for liking my self.

  4. Amen sista! Do I see an ice coffee in your instagram feed? I need a recipe badly. I am not on instagram.



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