How I Wore It: Backpack Trend

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Emma Dime is a cutie pie. There is no doubt about that. Those curls. That effortless style. I love it. All of it. And when I saw the cute image above of her rockin' a slouchy backpack... I swooned a little. Or a lot. Then while thrifting, I found this little leather bag of goodness for $5.
In fact, this entire ensemble is thrifted... bag $5, grey tee gifted, skirt $2, earrings $7. I love my little slouchy thrifted backpack. It the perfect piece for summer; easy, casual and fits a lot of junk like goggles and sunscreen for all those last minute splashes in the pool! 

What's your go to summer bag? xo
(PS - i'll be posting sporadically because I need a bit of normalcy in my routine and this feeds my soul.)


  1. brooke,
    you look awesome. i have an old longchamp leather bag, that is very similar. i can carry just a few things or an elephant!
    routine is good for the soul.
    visit my new site. i had a site over haul.
    it was that or plastic surgery:)

  2. pve - thanks honey! longchamp? drool... xo

  3. Great find! And at skirt was $2?! I could lead a lesson or two from you!

  4. super cute bag!


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