Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Microwave Popcorn Bags

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Popcorn and movies are as synonymous, to me, as bread and butter. They go together - plain and simple. And though I have tried, I have yet to master the stovetop popcorn. And if I'm honest, I really don't like it as well as microwave popcorn. The stovetop kind just seems greasy. Here's what I don't like about microwave popcorn - unnecessary additives and that salt coated microwave bag that can not go into the recycle bin. So now I have a problem. Or do I?  
Enter the infamous brown bag. Did you know that you can make popcorn in an ordinary everyday brown paper bag? I know! It's beyond easy too. Just pour half a cup of kernels into your brown bag and pop. I even used the microwave setting for popcorn and it did great. (Yes, there were kernels that didn't pop, but that's to be expected.) I poured the hot, fresh popcorn into a bowl and seasoned with garlic salt and rosemary. The brown bag got tossed into the recycle bin. Done. No more chemicals. No more grease. And no more burnt popcorn smells wafting through our house. There's a double bonus here too: 1 - you can create endless flavors (Kinfolk has some great ones here) 2 - it's dirt cheap. That double win means more yummy movie snacks for this family. woot woot

Is there a popcorn flavor or recipe that you love?

top image via kinfolk
brown paper bags via the party studio


  1. I love your blog and follow it like a hawk.... This popcorn idea is genuis because we don't eat pop corn in our house very often, but with the option of giving it different flavors we might just pick it back up.
    Thanks! I would love to have you as a follower.

    1. Catalina - thanks so much for your sweet words! So glad you enjoy the blog. I want to try cinnamon and sugar next. Yum. Oh, another yummy thing we do a lot is add marshmallows. The warm popcorn makes the marshmallows kind of gooey... so good! I'd love to check out your blog. What's the name? xo

    2. Now that could be delicious! I am a smore fanatic and maybe popcorn smores would be an option. This is the name for my blog

  2. If your stovetop popcorn seems too greasy, you're probably using too much oil.


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