Glitter Art DIY

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sparkles make me happy. Guess it's the girlie-girl in me. I recently got some wonderful craft items from Craft Project Ideas and got excited over the glitter, because let's face it... as a boy mom I'm usually not buying or crafting with glitter. But I knew right away that I wanted to create some easy art for the new half bath.

Materials needed for this sparkly DIY:

paper (I used watercolor for the texture and the weight)

Step 1: pour glue into bowl

My idea was to make brush strokes with glue and then add glitter, but I didn't know if it would work so I did a test run...
(it worked! wish i hadn't added the pink because i like the look of the gold, white and black strokes)

Step 2: dip brush into glue and create desired stroke on paper
Step 3: Add glitter - completely cover glue area, in other words go glitter crazy
 Step 4: Repeat until desired look is achieved
Step 5: Allow glue to dry, shake access glitter off onto paper and place back back into glitter tube
Step 6: frame, if you so desire
I absolutely love how it turned out. A bit of caution for us impatient crafters - allow glue to fully dry and shake access glitter off vigorously. I am going to have to open the frame back up and do some touch-ups. (Patience isn't always my strong suit.) This project turned out so well, I can't wait to make more glitter art. Might make some great gifts too.

*craft project ideas provided the glitter for this DIY project


  1. So fun! Yes, you are speaking to me as I am an impatient crafter, etc.!! I thought I was the only one!

    Happy Thursday to you and your crew!

    1. Ha ha... girl you are NOT alone. I want it all done yesterday. xo

  2. This is so awesome! I especially love the black glitter - I may have to hunt for that!

  3. Love it. Brilliant use of glitter!


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