Ten Second DIY for Your iphone

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chances are you have about 2-3 of these white cords in your home. Probably more. And if you're anything like me and the hubs, when you go on vacation with family or friends, you inevitably end up not knowing whose is whose and which one or how many you should take home with you. I know, first world problems. But hey, those chargers aren't cheap and I want to steward my money well. Enter the easiest quick fix ever... washi tape.
By simply adding a quick strip of washi tape to my charger, it was easy for us to discern which charger among the many should come home with us after a recent trip to Des Moines.  Why spend extra money for sticker faces (yes, they are cute) when you probably have 3 rolls of tape in your home already?
You can add a strip of tape or cover the whole charger... whatever your heart desires.  And just think, no more arm wrestling your mother-in-law over a simple iphone charger. This could quite possibly end all family feuds. Okay, I've taken it too far. But it is a cute and easy DIY right? xo

1 comment:

  1. So cute, simple and a little fancy! We just used Sharpie! LOL

    I think I like this better because eventually the Sharpie will wear off.


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