Around the House: A DIY for the Dorm

Monday, August 26, 2013

School is now in full swing and my SIL has begun her second year as a Baylor Bear. This year she has an apartment type dorm room and is so excited to make it "hers." Over the summer we found an amazing vintage black leather chair at a garage sale for $10. It's the perfect study chair, but is lacking just one thing - an ottoman. We both fell in love with the above pouf found on Camilla Styles blog and set out to recreate it. Her mom had the daunting task of sewing the pouf (and did a phenomenal job). My SIL and I added the triangles...

Her pouf has 8 panels instead of 6; she chose to put triangles on every other panel. We used fabric paint, a triangle stamp along with a ruler and a disappearing ink pen to ensure a straight line of triangles.

Once the triangles were stamped and dry on all panels, the pouf was stuffed and sewn shut. A task that was MUCH easier to type than do actually complete.
Seriously... how cute is that? We are all thrilled with the end result. I have a feeling this little pouf is going to get a lot of use this year. 

Have you made anything special lately? xo


  1. looks awesome! and way cuter than the furniture I had when I was a college student :)

    1. tee hee. Thanks! I know... my furniture in college was anything but cute. I think "free" probably describes it best. ;)


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