Seeing Stars

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

As the littles grow, I make daily discoveries about them. My latest? If a craft involves glow-in-the-dark and stickers... they're in. In my box of goodies from Craft Project Ideas, I received glow-in-the-dark foam stickers and some neon fuzzy pom-poms. I thought little banners of glowing stars above the boys beds would be cute and once I shared my idea the boys were stoked. My oldest even added the neon pom-poms. The banner making got so out of control that they each made three banners for above their beds...

 (please excuse the extremely blurry and poor quality images - something was up with my camera's settings.)
I'm pretty sure I've found a winning combination for crafting with my boys: easy, quick, bright colors, neon and tape. Later that night, after our bedtime stories, we turned off all the lights for a little glow fun. Honestly, the stars didn't have a super bright glow but they were glowing none the less and they continue to shine, bringing joy to my boys each night. Success. Thank you Craft Project Ideas! This one was a win! xo

*craft project ideas provided the stickers and pom-poms for this craft.

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