Thank You: Part 4

Friday, August 16, 2013

Uh-huh, part four of my Jimmy Fallon Thank You tribute - because the kids aren't in school yet and I need something to make me laugh or I'll cry.

Thank you, Trader Joe's...
for having everything I want and almost nothing I need.

Thank you, PMS...
for turning me into a chocolate obsessed crazy lunatic every month.

Thank you, New School Year...
for saving my sanity and giving us structure once again.

Thank you, Bathtub...
for becoming a snorkel test ground and kiddie pool this week.

Thank you, Double Chin...
for reminding me and everyone else that I am old(er) than I feel.

Thank you, Mosquitos..
for injecting your itchy-ass venom in me, every. single. time. I. go. outside.

What are you thankful for? And one more thing, would you like this tribute to continue or can it? Happy Weekend. xo


  1. Great way to wrap up the week. It made me laugh and smile.

    1. Ha ha... thanks Jamy. So glad you got a little of both. xo


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