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Monday, September 30, 2013

Before my Dad passed, my sister and I promised him that we would take care of our Mom.  It was his biggest concern in passing away and the easiest promise to make. I mean, she's our Mom. The lady that cared for us when we were sick, shuttled us around town, cooked for us and loved us unconditionally - even when we were being selfish turds. We kind of owe her a lot! Both my sister and I would love to have her come live with either of us, but she isn't ready for that yet.  So we have convinced her to come and stay with us over long weekends or longer if she would like. This, along with my attempt to re-open my etsy shop soon, has led to some rearranging in our guest room.
It's on the smaller end of bedrooms, but I'm convinced it can do double duty for now. My boys will love waking her up with stinky boy breath and loads of morning cuddles. She will love getting sugars daily and waking up to my husband's amazing coffee each morning. I'm beyond blessed that we have a home to provide for her for however long or short her stay.

Do you have any rooms that serve multiple purposes?  xo


  1. I think your guest rooms looks lovely and inviting. A great blend of comfort and function :) Hope you enjoy the extra time with your Mom even if it did come about through such sad circumstances.

  2. my whole house serves dual purposes:
    kitchen>art studio>sewing room>laundry room
    master bedroom>dog room>backdoor>hang out>office
    living room>music room>office>homework space>craft room
    you get the grows in little houses!
    so glad your mom is visiting. enjoy these days.

    1. You are so right and I say that often - little is the new big! xo

  3. this is beautiful Brooke. (ps) you are so organized! (pps) reopening your etsy shop? congrats!

    1. thanks girl. and ps - looks are so deceiving! mu-ahh-ha-ha-ha


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