Good Friends, Good Finds

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I got an email from my bestie the other day with a link and a quick little note saying, "I just read about this store, thought of you. xxc" Simple. And yet so special... My girls know me. They know my love languages. And they know when I need something as simple as a quick email that will assuredly deliver a smile to my face and heart. An email. A text. A goody bag. A cup of coffee. A hug. Prayer. How good is that? 
My home girl was right too... the shop she sent me, I love. Atomic Garden has so many cute things and something for everyone. I mean, wooden swords, original tree swings and slingshots? My boys would die. D.I.E. And then there's the cute kitchen and craft items as well as goodies for the bod, like hair powder (because how many of us have time to wash and dry our mops on a daily basis?) that is said to, "give volume to your tired tresses." Yes please. They have no idea how tired my tresses and the rest of me truly are these days. ha ha ha
I can't even begin to tell you how badly those gold scissors want to be in my craft room. Hello good-lookin'! 

How do your friends turn your frowns upside down? xo

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