Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Busyness

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everyone needs a happy place. A place to unwind from the day, the rat race, the daily pressures of life. We need rest. Why do we glorify busyness? Even God, the creator of heaven and earth needed rest. If He sees it as important, as blessed and holy, why don't we?  I don't need to do anything to be who I am in Christ. "Not by works, so that no man can boast." Ephesians 2:9 
So I rest. 
I unplug from social media and tune into to nature. I refuse to sign my children, and our family, up for 5 different sports so that each night of the week we are divided in order to conquer. I keep our calendar pretty open so that I can say, "yes" to unknown things God might bring my way and last minute opportunities with friends.  I say, "no" to good things so that I can say, "yes" to God's best for me. And most importantly for me, I rest my soul by spending time with God. This doesn't always look the same - for fear of me gettin' all legalistic on myself. His grace abounds and He is with me during my quiet time in His word, prayers throughout the day, a fire pit with twinkle lights at home and a morning walk through the neighborhood. Can you hear Him? Or is your life drowning out His subtle call? xo


  1. love this post. recently we were at a church leadership retreat and the idea of having "open space" in our lives was discussed. i, of course, love the word picture with that phrase. if we have the open spaces in our lives then we have time for impromptu visits, last minute potlucks and coffee dates and maybe even more importantly we have time to breath with our kiddos...those deep breathes that lead to deep conversations.
    keep on my friend.

    1. thank you friend. I am trying with all my might. Slow Blogging trend is right up my alley. My family, faith and community are requiring more of my time and that's a good thing. "Open spaces" - love it! xo


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