Around the House: Advent

Monday, December 16, 2013

Every Christmas I try to come up with a fun new way to create our advent calendar. This year I decided to use several ideas together: up-cycled kleenex boxes, felt trees, felt mountains, sticks and empty matchboxes. I have to say, I like the contrast the colored "buildings" bring to the mountains...
I also try to come up with a few new family activities each year and this year I landed on a doozie. (uh-huh, I just said "doozie" and I don't even care; that's how good it is/was.) We had a red and green dinner (spaghetti with spinach marinara sauce) by candlelight while listening to Christmas music. Y'all! It was awesome! My sweet Liam said it was his favorite advent activity so far. I think the low lights and music created an environment that caused us to linger at the table just a little bit longer. We chatted, laughed and just plain learned more about one another as a family. 
I think it's my favorite now too. Do you have a "favorite" advent activity? xo

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  1. How's stinking cute! You are such a creative mama! Happy New Year!


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