Corrugated Christmas

Friday, December 13, 2013

I know! As if 2 days of this stuff wasn't enough. Bare with me. I promise this is the last of it. I just wanted to show you guys my favorite tinsel tree that greets me daily and anyone that passes our house. It sits in our family room, right in front of our big picture window. When the afternoon sun hits all that tinsel, it's like a disco up in here. I love it.

Remember the corrugated painted diamonds I showed y'all last week? Yup, I used them in the window and on the tree. For the window, I hung them at different intervals using bakers twine and a tension rod. Easy up, easy down. For the tree, baker's twine as well.
I think the corrugated diamonds actually pair quite nicely with my vintage ornaments. Love. Love it.
PS - I think my tree kind of looks like the love child of the above two images. No?

Happy weekend homies. Rock it like you own it. Next week, no cardboard. I promise. xo

tinsel stir stick via fred flare
neon geo tree - source unknown

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