Around the House: New Year's Eve

Monday, December 30, 2013

The biggest party of the year is happening in just 2 short days. Are you ready? Since having littles, I haven't really figured out how to celebrate this night. Ok. I'll be honest... I haven't figured this thing out since I stopped partying my tail off like some crazy person and regretting half the night the next day. This year, my bestie and I are going to host an early shindig for the littles and I can't wait! I'm finally excited about this holiday again. I'm making just a few small decorations to keep things festive without losing my mind. 

I found this tinsel at my favorite shop - The Dollar Tree - and I can't believe how much is in just one bag. It's like the long haired sister of glitter. Luckily she's a lot easier in the clean up department.
 Let's pull up our big girl DIY undies and make some simple sparkle tassels. You with me?
 Take a little out of your bag and line them up as seen below...
Once you have them neatly lined/piled up, take some twine and tie off into sections to create your sparkle tassels...
In between each twine tie-off, cut the tinsel with scissors.
Next, fold each section in half at the twine. Take a single piece of tinsel and wrap around the tassel just 1/4" below fold/twine and knot to secure. Last but not least, trim your tassels to have clean finish. (Use the trimmed off tinsel to make your own confetti!)
Once your tassels are complete, just string them onto a long twine piece and hang! Easy peasy. Not into bunting, garland or whatever it's called these days? No problemo. Add your tassels to helium balloon strings or party hats or serving spoons. These babies can glam up just about anything.

Want more ideas? How about a few of these...
 1 | 2 | 3
1 | 2 | 3
If I could pull off a party with a balloon countdown (hershey's kisses in the last one to be popped), handmade confetti, party hats, a year in review with a few goals list, cupcakes and ice cream with sparkles (ie sprinkles) I would be one happy Momma. Oh, and there's got to be glow sticks come nightfall, right? Here's to trying! Cheers. xo

PS - I'm pretty sure that my one rule for dress code should be that everyone must don a little sparkle - even my boys! Agreed?

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