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Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm not "kitten" you, sometimes I shop in themes. Unintentionally of coarse, but it happens. It's been a while since I've done any shopping. Most of my days are spent with my sweet family and or hunched over the sewing machine. Lovin' it! And yet, sometimes a girl just needs to take a coffee break and get in some good ol' fashioned girl time while hitting a few estate sales.

Last Saturday I did just that. I scored a couple of things for me, a few gifts and a precious goodie that I think I just may upcycle and sell in my shop. Y'all, I go crazy for books. Books I have no intention of reading but can't leave behind because they're so pretty and cost next to nothing. Not so with the books I picked up recently. I may just have to read both of them...

Crazy Like a Fox by S.J. Perelman - I'v only read a couple of excerpts while flipping through, but it looks funny. (Has anyone read this?)
And this little jewel - Not For Children. I die. Funny, silly little poems about animals that give me a smile. I might be taking our relationship a little too far when I share this, but it's the perfect bathroom book. Too much? Sorry.
And because I'm so in love with wall hangings, and the like, I might have to disassemble my handmade owl chimes to make some sweet accessories for nurseries inspired by the wood bead sculpture from Fine Little Day
The kitten coasters seen in the first image are for my Grandmother-In-Law. She's a cat lady and has a wonderfully kookie aesthetic that I love! Meow. 

Happy Friday Homies! Here's to a new weekend and more theme shopping. xo


  1. When I opened this post I had a strange urge to sing "What does a fox say?" I wonder why?
    Any who, these items are so fun and what a great idea to repurpose, upcycle and gift!

    You are so "next" with your thinking and creativity! Rock on girl!


    1. Shon - you are too kind to me. Never thought of myself as "next", but I like it. xo


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