Neapolitan - A Dose of Yum and A Desire for Spring

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ever since Valentine's Day, I've got ice cream fever. I think it all started with my pre-valentine celebration warm-up of Blue Bell's I "heart" Chocolate and Homemade Vanilla with Strawberries. Seriously, I think I've eaten at lease 4 gallons of ice cream since V-Day. Dang it. I'm supposed to be getting in shape for Spring... not increasing my waist size (and my dimples). Whatever. Here's proof that I've gone strawberry, chocolate and vanilla crazy. It's everywhere...
 1|where it all started. 2|even in my packaging. 3|cones

See what I mean? It's over. I'm definitely gaining 20 pounds. Either that or I'm gonna live in a gallon of ice cream inspired decor. xo

top image: chairs in a row via no shape no shade


  1. Girl! You can enjoy a little Blue Bell here and again. Just do double time the next day??
    Now, that plush Pink chair is something to take your breath away!! Wowzers!!

    1. Girl, double time what? I know you aren't talking about exercise! lol. and yes... that pink chair! wowzers is right. and PS - I think you might be the only black girl that uses the word, "wowzers" - love it and you doll!


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