Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My poor kitchen table has been covered in perler beads and craft supplies all week. And the craft heavens have opened - my boys are making all of their own Valentine gifts. Thank you Perler!!  Just in case you are a last minute mom, like myself, here's what we've done for my boys' classmates.

First let me tell you, I found the cutest Valentine monster cards at the Dollar Tree - no mushy stuff, just straight up "you're the coolest" sayings that would actually come from a boy's mouth. One package came with 30 cards, including 2 for teachers. They are the perfect size for attaching small gifts.
For the girls: barretts and rings
We made tiny little perler bead hearts and hot glued them onto inexpensive barretts (Dollar Tree) and metal rings from the craft store. (I bought the rings 2 years ago when they were on sale, but I had never done anything with them. This is starting to be a pattern huh?) Rings were attached to the cards with pipe cleaners.
For the boys: Minecraft Steve head and creeper head keychains. What else?
As you can see, we still have some creeper heads to make. The creeper head pattern can be found on Pinterest. You can find the Steve head there too, but my oldest made his from memory so they differ a bit from others I've seen online. We are attaching the "heads"to keyrings found at the crafts stores in bulk. My youngest made a few oversize hearts that we attached to some small carabiners I found at the Dollar Tree (4 for $1.00), and those work great for this craft as well.

All in all, I think our Valentine's ended up costing about 25-50 cents each. Best part - afternoons of busy bee crafting hands and zero candy.

Happy Crafting my little Valentine's. xo


  1. Great post! Love it! Can you explain how you attached the keychains to the pearler bead creations? And, assuming hot glued the hearts to the barrettes?

    1. Min - when you melt the beads, they still have little holes in the center... we opened a link on the keyrings with needle nose pliers and put the link through the hole! Close it back up with the pliers and you're all set. If necessary, you can add a jump ring, but we didn't need it. Hope this helps. xo


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