Heartfelt Valentine's Cards

Friday, February 7, 2014

Do you ever start crafting and then just never finish? You end up packing the day's work away and then forget all about it? That's me. Often. More often than I'd like actually. So it's pretty great when I stumble upon an old project at just the right time... enter felt hearts. Last year I had some scrap felt lying around and while I was sick with the flu I started cutting out triangles and hearts in an attempt to feel human again. It didn't work, but it sure made for a great Valentine project a year later. 

I recently purchased some cute scrapbook paper for the upcoming holidays and birthday cards, etc. It has some lovely reds and pinks that were dying to be made into Valentine cards. I took my felt hearts, cut up some of the paper and began sewing.
You guys, this is so easy and the punny sayings are pretty limitless too. Here are a few that I've come up with so far, in case you decide to make some of these as well.

"Wishing you a heartfelt Happy Valentine's Day."
"My heart felts for you."
"Have a warm and fuzzy Valentine's Day."
"You make me feel all warm and fuzzy!"
"You make my heart felt."
"Somefuzzy loves you!"

I'm sure you guys have some puns too. Care to share? Come on... whatcha got? Valentine's Day is officially one week away! xo


  1. Those are cute! How about "I've never FELT this way before"?

    1. Breanna - oh my gosh... I love it! perfect!!! xo

  2. Also, where did you get that stamp?

    1. It's a stamp set that I scored at an estate sale a few years back. I love love love it. xo

  3. I am loving these. My little Big man was asked by his teacher to make homemade cards for the class instead of store bought. I can't tell you how great that was to hear. So, we got out the stamps and scrapbooking papers to make V's for his entire class.

    Thanks for sharing a fun idea.

    1. Ohh, give that little nugget a high five and a big squeeze from me! And a high five to that amazing teacher as well. xo

  4. LOVE these. I feel your feels, lovely lady :)


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