Valentine Cupcakes

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I have a few friends, who shall rename nameless for their own protection, that don't like... icing! What? Tragedy right? I mean, I could eat a whole tub of the stuff. So in my best efforts to overlook this huge flaw in their characters, I made them some special cupcakes a few day back. Since it was so close to Valentine's, they got pink with hearts. (They happen to love strawberry cake so that worked out nicely for me.)

Instead of icing, ugh - I can barely even type that, they got powdered sugar and red fruit strip hearts...
It was so easy. A little sticky, but easy. I simply cut the fruit strips with my kitchen scissors and let my littles eat the scraps. (Waste not, want not. Right?)
After sprinkling the powdered sugar on half of the cupcakes, I took the hearts off a few and left powdered sugar heart stamps. Easy peasy and so yummy. In case you are wondering... yes, I brought my own tub of icing for the sane folks who love sugar as much as me. wink. wink.

Side note - I know I have been MIA for a bit and some of you have been kind enough to ask if all is well. It is. Thank you so much for your concern. This social media bit is eating my brain for lunch and I've been trying to process it all. More on that later. I've still got a lot to sort through. Many thanks and deep gratitude for those of you that are still hanging around my very tiny portion of the blogosphere.

Happy Thursday Homies. Love is in the air. xo


  1. Welcome back. These look very yummy, but I don't understand how people don't like icing.


  2. Hey, social media is a huge learning curve so you are doing just fine! I take cake solely for the icing, so I have no idea how to relate to non-icing eaters. Butter and sugar and whipping cream, simple and perfect!

    1. Andrea - right? The cake is just a vehicle to get the icing into my mouth! lol xo

  3. Girl, these look delicious even though me and Sugar are on a little hiatus at the moment.
    I have missed you and just covered you in prayer. Take your time.....

    1. Big hugs and kisses to you sweet friend. Thank you for the prayers. I will now overlook your sugar hiatus. xo


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