Around the House: It Ain't Easy Being Green

Monday, March 24, 2014

For years I have been a murderer of the plant variety. No matter my best intentions, plants come to my house to die. This Past year has been different. I've heard it said a dozen times that "it's all about the light." For years I scoffed. But now that my home has loads of natural light and an abundance of window, I'm finding that saying to be true. I guess that's kind of what makes it a saying.
my plants' mantra this past year... "I will survive."
the plants in this kinfolk spread via miss moss - i die
Now that our temps are no longer hitting below freezing, I'm looking forward to moving some of my plants back outdoors, buying a few new ones to fill in the blanks and re-potting a few that need bigger homes. I recently read a post about house plants that help the air quality. Pretty and helpful. Love it. xo

PS - Many say that Jade plants are easy to maintain and great for us brown thumbers... I say - don't believe the hype! I've murdered many! RIP

first image via at swim two birds

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