Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Food Containers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stop! Before you go tossing those food containers into the recycle bin, why not get a few more uses out of them? I mean, shouldn't that $15.00 fruit tray bring you a little more lovin' than the single business luncheon for which it was purchased? I think so. Here's how we used ours...

colored paper
double stick tape
multi colored bits & bobs

I can't tell you how useful this thing has been - especially for this mommy whose little seems to think that white and yellow are "pink". See our bits & bobs tray? Yup, that right there folks is an old lasagna tray - washed of course. (It's also used as our sensory tub.)

Here are a few more uses to store in your back pocket (or on the beloved Pinterest) for when winter hits.

strawberry & spinach containers:

 creation walk: we picked up items that God created and talked about them
 sensory tub storage: originally I used this to store the rice and beans separate, but eventually...2 became 1.

magazines & water bottles:
creation lesson:
paper plates were colored to be our world
magazines were used to find things God created and then cut up and pasted onto the "world"
water bottles were filled with leaves, rocks, sticks and water (a beautiful clean world created by God) then food coloring was added to show how sin entered the world and corrupted God's perfect design.

Gosh, recycling can be so much fun! xo
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