Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Bird Feeders

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now that my tears have dried up, I can share with you the epic fail of making the above bird feeders. After reading through The Magic Onion's lovely instructions, I thought for sure that my little and I would be able to make a version of our own. (Kinda getting into watching birds and hearing their sweet little songs.)

We got our supplies all ready...

fail one - see that sweet vintage Evenflo measuring jar? it broke during the making of our bird feeders.
fail two - my little got some boiling water splashed on him as well. No marks, so we're good, but we were both a little teary eyed from that one.

We mixed our bird seed and gelatine just as described. We followed every instruction to a tee until... the patience part came in. It said that the gelatine takes a while to set, so they put theirs in the freezer. We did this too, but didn't realize it still needed to set much longer and our birdseed mixture probably should have been a bit thicker/stiffer.  

Upon removing them from the pan and hanging them in our tree... this happened.
PLOP! Right on the ground. Pinterest craft fail.

To be sure that all was not lost, we gathered our birdseed clumps and put them on toilet paper rolls with peanut butter! (We have been doing this for a couple of weeks and the birds love it.)

After running out of tp rolls, we searched through our recycle bins and pulled out a blueberry pint container and some skewers...
 (we cut out that center square on the lid and added some yarn for hanging)

I have zero idea if this thing will even work for our hungry feathered friends. If it does, I will make the next one a lot prettier. If not, we'll stick to peanut better and toilet paper rolls. xo

PS - Be sure to check back tomorrow. Several of you have had questions about the black matte mason jar I made. Tomorrow I will share the paints and give a little how to...
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