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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm so in love with J Crew these days. Well, I think it has more to do with their Creative Director and stylists, but whatever the case it is truly dreamy. Oh how I would love to put on a skirt and some heels or rock some jeans with heels. But the reality is that I just can't see myself all done up at the grocery store or the park. When I see mom's teetering on their 3-4 inch stilettos for the sake of lookin' good, I have to do one of two things: 1 - wish I could pull it off or 2 - wonder what's the point? But, they say if you look good you feel good and I believe it. So, rock on all you Moms in heels. More power to you. If you happen to wear a size 8.5, lemme know. I've got some serious lovelies collecting dust in my closet!

I'm so drooling over these looks!

Here's my reality which is just as dreamy but they're wearing skirts! How am I suppose to play in the dirt in a skirt? Somehow I've gotta figure this out and yes, the boots are on my Christmas list!

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