Color Conundrum

Monday, November 23, 2009

We've lived in our house for - gasp! - almost 4 years now. It's not our dream home, but it's ours and slowly but surely we have made it more ours - together! We have repainted every single room in the house except the bathrooms and to be honest, those could use a makeover too, but they're not horrible so they're staying the way they are, for now.

Jude's room has probably seen the most change color wise. When we moved in it was yellow. Not a vivid Lichtenstein yellow, but a country cottage home yellow. I knew it would have to go the minute we signed papers on the house. Let me also note that the playroom and kitchen were this shade of yellow as well. I guess the previous owners really loved it! Here is a look at that yellow as our guestroom before it was converted to Jude's big boy room.

When he turned two and we were preggers with our second child, we knew we wanted them to share a room, even if we had a girl. What that room would look like - that was a mystery except for the bunkbed part. Being low on funds for an overhaul we made a trip to Ikea and used leftover material for curtains and the like. The end result was a green and grey room with touches of color and super heroes.

I let the hubs pick the color and while I am happy with the gray and like the green as a color, I am just not very satisfied with the end result. So, as Liam's second birthday approaches (okay it's 6 months away, but I need time to figure this thing out) and he moves into the big boy room, I have found myself contemplating what I will do with the room to make it theirs versus Jude's. So, call me crazy, but Jude's favorite color is yellow and I think I want to do all the walls white with one bright yellow accent wall. Yes? I don't know...maybe orange accents? I love the two images below from blogs Swish and Swanky and Design Sponge. They are so inspirational. Who knows what I'll do or if the hubs will even let me paint - he might get ticked, as it's pretty much the only color in the whole house that I let him choose. Oh, and I guess Jude should have a say too! Stay tuned...

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