Fingerprint Art

Monday, November 9, 2009

I have a confession...I can get a little obsessed over things that I adore. It starts out so innocently and then bang, I'm hooked. Recently, I have this thing for fingerprint art. It all started with my first son and an owl hand puppet my sister gave him. He would suck on his beak until it was soaked. That led to a collection of owls in memory of "Hootie" (who no longer gets played with.) Then, while at an estate sale, I found this little treasure - a fingerprint owl family. I get lost looking at those little owls. There is nothing to them really, but each one has it's own personality that comes through in their eyes.

This simple and very cheap piece of art has led to a reindeer christmas card using my boys thumbprints and art for my husband on our 6th wedding anniversary (see heart below.) I love it. One side of the heart is my thumbprint and on the other side is his thumbprint. Unique and timeless, just like our love for one another. Ok, gag, I went to far there but that's what fingerprint art has been doing to me lately.

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