Monday, November 30, 2009

When I was a little girl, we would go to my Grandparents' house almost every weekend. I can still see the pink powder room and remember the smell of the house. I loved being was magical. My Nana was a trip. She loved margaritas, a good laugh and family. My Dad's mom, Grandma, was such an amazing seamstress she had her own t-shirt business and sold to JC Penney's and others at the tender age of 17! WOW! Both of my Grandma's are with our Lord and Savior now, but I have married into a lovely family with 2 amazing Grandmas! And my boys...well, they have 5 Grandmas. Amazing isn't it? They each have their special gifts that make them unique and so very special. But today, I am going to focus on their Great Grandmas.
This is Grandma Fish. She is so sweet and gentle; always taking care of everyone. I'm told she has an AMAZING voice and would just blow me away if I ever heard her sing in church. I have only her her sing a few jingles here and there. But, one night at my sister's lake house my baby was pretty sick and while his Grandma Doula rocked him on the patio for 2 hours, Grandma Fish sang to him. What an amazing gift from God! I love the photo below. Her sweet face captures every bit of her essence as she looks adoringly at Liam.

This is Grandma Pat. She is hysterical. I love getting cards from her or other packages because of the little notes she includes. Not only is she funny, she's super creative and very talented as well. (Hopefully some of these talented women's gifts will come down the gene pool to my boys!) Grandma Pat paints all sorts of stuff, but my favorites are the birth announcements and stools that tell a story of family! Oh how I love them. And if that's not enough, she does this awesome thing every Christmas with money. Usually money given at Christmas is via check. But that just won't do for Grandma Pat. She comes up with the most clever of ways to give money. She has rolled it up and put it in a burger box so that the bills spill out like a roll of toilet paper, wrapped coins in candy wrappers, put bills inside Christmas ornaments and more. It's my favorite part of opening gifts. And it's not because of the money - it's the time and thought that goes into the gift. It's so awesome and fun.

This Christmas Season, I hope you find true joy in your loved ones and see the gifts in each of them, especially the Grandparents!

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  1. LOVE Jude's painted frame with his birth stats. TOO cute!! Did you say your grandma made that?!?! She should go into business!! ;)



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