The Smell of Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of the five senses, I think smell has got to be the strongest to evoke memories. I have many smells that I love, strange smells, that for some reason I just can't get enough of. I got a whiff of one of my favorites the other day when my Mother-in-Law gave me a box full of old vintage ornaments to use on our tree! (Yippee, early Christmas gift for me!) I opened the box to sift through it with her and there it was, the smell of old, really old Christmas decorations. You know, the plastic kind with the felt that is coming off and the ribbons that have permanent wrinkles from years of storage?! I love it. It makes me think of my Nana.

Check out some of the sweet little Christmas elves that now adorn my tree. Their little faces are so unique and full of mischief. (Please forgive my images. I'm definitely not the photographer in the house!)

So what are some of the other smells? Old books, cigarette smoke on a really cold day, rose scented toiletries (I'd never use them, but they again remind me of my Nana) and coffee grinds.

Thought I would also share my quickie advent calendar that has finally been put to use. I missed the first 13 days! Oh well, what's a busy Mom to do?

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