Estate Sales ROCK

Friday, March 19, 2010

Before I had my second child, every Thursday looked the same.  I dropped my son off at Mother's Day Out and hit the estate sales. It was my time to relax, enjoy, be inspired and score some great stuff for the house. Truth be told, I also love estate sales because I get to see inside people's homes, how they lived and how they decorated. Kind of like Reality TV without all of the train wrecks and profanity.

These days I try to squeeze an estate sale in here and there on Saturdays. Several weeks back, I totally scored in my own neighborhood - just two streets over! With $20.00 in hand, I searched high and low for treasures and hit the mother-load in the garage of all places. Check it out...

Not only did I score the above "tool chest," books, and "coat rack" for the kids but I got an old US Postal mail bag and the green kitchen step stool that I blogged about last week. Shopping on Saturday mornings definitely has it's advantages; if the good stuff is still there, they're usually half price. Sweet! I do love a good deal. Happy Weekend to you. Let me know if you find any treasures this weekend. xo

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