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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lately I have been trying to hand make all the gifts I give at showers, sip-n-sees and birthdays. In preparation, I do a lot of internet browsing for ideas and inspiration. Oh my gosh, there is a TON of cute stuff out there.  It almost makes me want to have a baby again just to get some of this amazing stuff! But this girl is done having babies. Don't get me wrong, I love me some baby snuggles and I can't get enough of my boys, but our family feels complete. So, unless the Lord has other plans for us, I'm just fine and dandy getting snuggles and coos from all my friends' babies.

Here's a look at some sweet treasures for babies that inspire:

Anything and everything by Children Inspire Design

This rainbow stacker at Grasshopper

This green digger and little people bag by Elsie Marley

Prints by Nan Lawson

A mobile by Gifts Define

Scripture memory cards by Render Ink

Mustache onsies by Red Velvet Art (because I love a good mustache)

Great stuff isn't it? Do you have a favorite or staple gift you give at showers? I'd love to know what it is!

Mommy Goodies
The unsung hero in the mix of all this baby madness are the beautiful Mommies. A friend of mine just had a baby and in addition to us creating a care calendar for friends to sign up and bring the family meals, we dropped off a little goodie basket for her - just the essentials: girlie movies, her favorite candy, nose plugs (for stinky diapers) and chai tea packets (a sleepless night essential!) I fully believe in pampering new Mommies when you can and providing as much laughter as possible, because those first six weeks can be tough!  xo

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  1. When I take a meal to the new parents, I include 2 dozen homemade frozen chocolate chip cookie balls. When visitors come or they want a warm cookie treat for themselves, they can pull out as many cookies as they need, bake and enjoy. All without the time it takes for a homemade treat. And what new mom has time!


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