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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The above photo is my entry for the March styling challenge hosted by Miss Holly of decor8 on Flickr. I've never done one of these challenges but I was quite happy with the results. So, it stayed up in our living room with a couple modifications: no more nightgown, added white vintage magazine rack.

I scored this lovely little kitchen step stool at an estate sale for $10.00. I know...score! I have wanted one of these step stools ever since I saw one in my husband's grandparent's house. They're so cute! As first I thought I would use it as a kitchen seat for my youngest. Scratch that so not safe idea. I've found it's quite perfect for our living room and goes extremely well with our green couch. Even my husband likes it! Whoa!

Here's a look at some other kitchen step stools I found via flickr. I adore the color in these images and the fabric choices of the ones recovered are brilliant!

1. New Red Chair, 2. stool, 3. kitchen, 4. Recovered Vintage Step Stool

The red stool above is from Cosco. I'm glad someone it still making this classic. Here's a look at some other choices out there:
I have to say, this one via Home Depot is pretty cool and a great price - $9.99, but what if you need more height?

Then there's your basic step stool/ladder (again Home Depot) that offers height but isn't so cute. There are a lot of choices out there - basic step stool, small step ladder, the chair step stool combo and more. What's your pick? Whichever, they're all sure to give you the boost you need. Some just do it with a little more style! xo

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