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Monday, April 5, 2010

Rules - some are easier to follow than others. (My husband believes that rules were made to be broken and reminds me this often!) A dear friend of mine is renting a home right now while they save up to buy one of their own. And while she loves the house and the location, she doesn't love the owner's "no paint" rule. This leaves her with white walls in every room. I love a white wall, but when you're told you can't do something, it kinda of makes you want to do it all the more, right? (See also eating cake for breakfast and playing in the rain.) Does this mean she can't inject a little color and a sense of her own style? No, no, no. In fact, just the opposite. White can provide a nice blank canvas to let your imagination soar!

frillie designs put up this amazing tree in her daughter's room - sigh...

I've seen this in a baby's room with all white walls - spectacular!

(lost source sorry - help me out if you know please!)

martha stewart

deco fabulous



Are you as intoxicated by white walls as I am now? This kind of makes me want to paint my sweet boy's room white and inject a ton of color via furniture, artwork and fabric! It's so clean and airy! I kind of feel like this is a boxing battle... In this corner we have the upcoming favorite White Walls! And in this corner we have ever so famous and familiar Colored Walls. Must they battle? Can they co-exist in the design world? Or will colored walls share the fate of the late great Carpet? What do you think? xo

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  1. love white walls...especially with white floors. BUT, i can't get over the impraciticality of the white floors. :) your inspo is lovely--thanks for making me want to paint my walls for the 18 bazillionth time since we've lived here! Husband will thank you, i'm sure. :) hope Easter was great for you guys!


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