"I said a hip hop, the hippie the hippie..."

Friday, April 2, 2010

"to the hip hip hop, a ya don't stop!"  Happy Good Friday and Happy early Easter to you! Whew...it's been a long week, I needed a little retro rap jamz to gear me up today! 

Since Easter is days away I thought I would share some Easter inspiration with you to get you ready for the weekend.

my "lucky rabbit foot" from Pop Ink's Happy Kitty Bunny Pony 

Dallas Arboretum this Spring
THE reason we celebrate via Pop Ink

Spring is here, white shoes are deemed "appropriate" by the masses, flowers are blooming, it's not 100 degrees in Dallas yet, Jolly Rancher jelly beans are in my pantry and most importantly: the tomb is empty! Have a glorious weekend! xo

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